Your Earning Token on BSC with Changing Rewards

Rewards get autodropped to your Wallet

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Reward Voting

Community Votes the next Reward

Fee Voting

Community Votes for Fee Changes

Community Competitions

We are hosting different Events with Prices for our Community


Community Votes

Community votes for the upcoming Reward. A Poll will be added by the Devs to the TG Group. After the Poll is closed, Rewards will be changed. Holders don't have to act, when Rewards get changed. Our Name shown on Poocoin reflects the Token you will earn holding Switchy

Our Token also supports Auto-LP

A part of the Fees goes to Auto-LP. So we can grow a better Price Floor and reduce Price Impact of Buys and Sells



We have a Buy Tax of 18%, which is split to Rewards, LP and Marketing. Sells get taxed 22%

Reward Fee

  • 8% of Buys or Sells goes to Rewards

LP Fee

  • 7% Fee goes to Auto-Creation of LP

Marketing Fee

  • 3% Fee goes to Marketing Wallet